March Product Release

YAKIMA’S: FoldUp Evo 2″ and FoldUp Evo +2 available this March!

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The new FoldClick range of tow ball mounted bike racks from Yakima represent some of the brands most premium offerings to date.

With its super slick design the FoldClick wouldn’t look out of place fitted to the rear of a Porsche 911,
the new rack not only looks fantastic but it also boasts great performance and function

Thanks to Yakima’s innovative ‘Just Click’ system installing the rack to the car’s tow ball is a 1 person, 20 second job. That, combined with the fact that the rack is quite light weight means that you can pop it on and off your car without any fuss any time you decide to head to the trails.

With a max load listing of 60kg’s and the ability to hold tyres as wide as 4″ this rack is perfect for carrying heavy DH bikes and e-Bikes.

The FoldClick holds each bike in place with a reception buckle that goes over each rim holding your wheels firmly into each of the tyre carriers, and then a removable ‘grip arm’ is placed around the bike’s frame at literally any spot that you feel is the best position.

An integrated Lock System is built into the end of each arm to ensure your bikes can’t be easily stolen whilst they’re hanging out on the back of your car.

The FoldClick also features a super practical tilting feature which allows access to the boot of your car when the carrier is loaded up with bikes.

Now, in case you’re wondering, ‘where has Yakima’s iconic red and black colour scheme gone?’ we asked the same question and the answer was that the FoldClick was originally designed for the European market, which tends to favour more neutral colourways, but then the rack’s function proved so successful that the brand decided to roll them out for the rest of their international markets. And to be fair, the silver and black appearance of this rack is very pleasing on the eyes!

“Have Yakima gone and made themselves their
best rear mounting bike rack ever with the FoldClick?
Yeah, definitely, we think so.”

-[R]evolution Mountain Bike Magazine

With two-three bike carrying capacity, this tow ball carrier is a technical marvel for all cyclists.

The simple “Just Click” system makes it easy and secure to mount to your vehicle’s tow ball.

Its trump card is the ability to fold down to occupy a very small space, so that you can just leave it in your boot for when you need it.